Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer service counter in Welshpool is open from 0800-1500 hrs Mon-Fri, excluding national holidays.

We are closed for two weeks over Christmas-New Year – call for details.

Out of office hours please call 0434-431112 or email


Our factory and office is located at:

Unit 1/97 Kew Street, Welshpool, WA 6106   (08-9470 2030)

We also have a Mandurah agent where small items may be dropped off and collected (0434 431112)

We can provide an estimated price over the phone for most saws and planer blades, drills, etc. For larger industrial HSS and circular saws and bandsaws, we prefer to see the blade first.

We have EFTPOS facilities/Credit card payments over the phone are accepted (no Amex/Diners).

Cheques may be made out to “Diamond Edge Sharpening Service”


Small bandsaws are generally not sharpenable – but we do supply new ones. We are the only company in WA who can sharpen wide bandsaws and retip and supply tungsten tip bandsaws.

Turnaround on standard sharpening work is 2-3 days.

Bring your saw blade into our factory and we will advise on the best solution.  Re-welding, re-toothing and re-tipping saw blades is our speciality…as is retipping specialised hole saws.