In addition to selling all types of cutting tools and edges, Diamond Edge is noted for its expertise in repairing and refurbishing these items.

  • Sharpening


    Whether a blade or drill is used in heavy or light industry, mining or oil exploration, in a sawmill, in the workshop or in the field, our experienced sharpeners will determine the best approach to ensure optimum cutting results and longevity are obtained after each sharpening.  Diamond Edge regularly sharpens circular saws of 2000mm diameter and band saws 250mm wide.

    Our ability to tailor the sharpening and tungsten tipping of individual saw blades to perform specific functions in sometimes difficult environments is recognised internationally as well as by local corporations.

    Whatever the cutting instrument, Lloyd and his team will find a way to sharpen it.

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  • Tungsten Tipping

    Tungsten Tipping

    Diamond Edge are proud to be the only company in Western Australia to offer tungsten tipping and TCT saw refurbishment. The advantage of having an existing wide band saw tungsten tipped is to provide better and more accurate cutting of all mediums and achieve increased longevity from the blade. Each tip is made from high quality German tungsten, manually braised and with side and top clearances carefully machined for optimal performance on the required medium.

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  • Modifications


    If you are not achieving the performance you expect from your cutter or saw blade, we can analyze the problem and modify cutters, angles, bore sizes, lengths of planer blades, etc, to suit your needs. Call us to discuss or call in at our factory.

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  • Tungsten Carbide Expertise

    Our ability, through extensive experience, to understand the nature of drilling and cutting through different mediums in often difficult environments has led to our tungsten tipping services being used by companies from Australia to the USA.  Longevity and efficiency in relation to large diameter circular saws, large band and hole saws is paramount in operations where the cost of down-time or replacement is significant.


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